Women in Police
A CHRI initiated national project to highlight issues of gender disparity prevalent in Police Department of India.

The project is a result of collaborative hard work of numerous researchers, journalists and right to information activists, who gathered this data on a national scale under the leadership of CHRI, to highlight graves issues related to gender disparity prevalent in Police Department of India. All of these data points were collected, analysed and were published under this project on a national information portal, womenpoliceindia.org.

This project brought me profound learning and collaborating opportunities with some passionate people, working at grassroots to rebuild India and eradicate the issues that are major roadblocks in the path to the development of this country. My role in this project included collaboratively working with the team, assist them with data visualisation, attend UX design meetings

and propose an architecture for front and back-end of the portal. Later, following my work contract, I developed the front-end and back-end for this project, while consulting on the technical aspects of the project.