people's designer,
admires art,
loves flying aircrafts,
rafting, hiking, guitars,
making friends,
singing and dancing

A seasoned design leader, entrepreneur and serial innovator in the field of design and product innovations. Aspiring to bring design solutions, processes and strategies, to offer unique value propositions that foster growth in business and social demographics.

I started my career in Design Consulting with Demotic Studios in 2010, with a mission, “To bring Strategic Design and Communication to Small & Medium Enterprises of India”. My professional experience in design industry for more than 7 years, has been an enterprising journey with more than 30 clients from different kinds of business, demanding scrupulous understanding of core strategy, processes, operations, key offerings, and communication methods. Here, I earned a profound experience in problem-solving, interaction design & consulting, directing projects and teams, while collaborating with clients and co-creating solutions.

I am passionate about finding ways in which we can solve complex problems of modern times while confidentally navigating in an uncertain future. I geek out over creating, improving, and discussing various design process and ways we can be more inclusive with human factors, accommodating users with special needs to deliver inclusive, human centric design solutions. Design for me is about delivering strategies for problem solving and innovation. I strive to co-create meaningful design solutions that bring joy and inspire users to do more and achieve more in their lives.

Sectors & Clients, I've worked with-