5 Jan 2018 | Himanshu
Critical Assessment - Elements of User Experience, User Centered Design for the Web-JJ Garrett, 2002

As a class assignment, I had written this critical book review of Elements of User Experience for Web by Jesse James Garrett. The project consists of an essay, a poster, a presentation and a handout. Some critical points that are missing from the method and process of UX as per Jesse James Garrett in summarisation can be found as listed below-

  • Human factors and psychological perspectives are missing
  • Disabled and special needs users neglected
  • The concept of gender is missing
  • No process concern for Old people or people with special needs
  • Understanding user is not so much elaborated
  • No concept of integrated design or working in multidisciplinary teams for designing better experience
  • It enforces business oriented approach towards user experience instead of a human centric way of doing UX

Please read the article at Researchgate to find out more-

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