Service Design Jam
Case: DWG Housing
Design Team

Nadine Ruth Bäckchen(Reseacher)
Richard Göpel (Illustrator)
Himanshu Singh (Story Writer)


Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau, Germany

About Service Jam:

Following an expertise week at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, A service design jam was conducted under the professorship of Shaohua Pan from the University of Lapland. In a team of three, students collaborated to solve problems using design methods from Service Design, to create service solutions to these problems.


We worked on the problem of resolving cultural differences and service problems of the local DWG Hosing community, to create an inclusive living condition for the residents. Commencing our work with ethnographic research and interviewing stakeholders, we continued to research the problem, to understand the underlying causes. Later, we came up with solutions that could help DWG management, to offer better customer experience with their housing service. Taking a human-centric approach and following various stages of service design research, we designed the solution as a personified human-service, "Feel Good Manager", that was later transformed into an empathic digital product.

Final Service Design Solution:

Later the personified solution, "Feel Good Manager" was digitised into a product service system design, also this project inspired me to later come up with design method, "Hands On Deck".