AR Coasters
An interactive product for promotion and explaining working of rotomoulding machines
Project Brief:

On the eve of new years in 2015, Reinhardt Roto Machines were looking for a way to engage their customers by doing a fun and engaging gift that can be informative as well as interactive at the same time. I took this project and designed an experience to create augmented-reality based gift item that can inform users about working of Reinhardt Machine.


We made an Augmented Reality Coffee Coaster for a work desk, where a user can place the coaster in front of a webcam of any Internet surfing device to witness the magic.

How it works:

These coasters can be used to view the interactive feature on various devices. By going to a link website, users can click Scan coaster link to scan the coaster from the webcam of the device. Once the coaster comes under camera exposure, the animation starts to play on the AR marker. By rotating the coaster in the hand, 3d animation can be viewed from different angles.


Designing an interaction like this for Reinhardt was a difficult challenge, Reinhardt’s customer base extends worldwide to more than 30 countries with over 120 customers. You can’t make an assumption for all users to have a common device type or version, now I had to design for multiple devices running of different OS and browsers.

Based on research, I decided to design for web instead of mobile devices to make it available across platforms and devices. Because of this decision users can now view this interaction on any device with a web browser and a camera (front or back).

To make this interaction,3d animation of one cycle of the machine was made, showing production of a sample product such as water tank. Later this animation was integrated with camera tracking and bundles of code in Flash and Papervision 3d, making this augmentation possible.


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